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We provide a variety of resources and alerts relating to the HIPAA world. Stay up to date and in the know with our alerts and news blog. You never know when a major change might take place, make sure you are up to date on the lasted information.

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What Makes Us Stand Apart?

As a Doctor owned and operated company, we understand the chaos caused by implementing new policies and procedures. Our system is designed to be a low-impact, step-by-step process to avoid as much of that chaos as possible. We are readily available to answer questions relative to the training system, typically on a same day basis!
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The HIPAA Survival Kit

This program is a step-by-step, easily understandable approach that nearly any support staff can implement. Questions regarding following the system (for those who start at the beginning and walk through a step at a time) are rare. I am glad to answer any quick question you have. In rare cases where consulting services are desired, they are available for an hourly fee. Once a system is in place it only takes a few hours per quarter of the year to keep it updated, in most practices.

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What Our Clients Say

I encourage all Docs to follow your program, before they get a demand for their HIPAA compliant risk analysis, because, although one never knows what the government will accept; your program takes the guess work out of the equation!

– Dr. Pam Owens