The HIPAA Survival Kit

This program is a step-by-step, easily understandable approach that nearly any support staff can implement. Questions regarding following the system (for those who start at the beginning and walk through a step at a time) are rare. I am glad to answer any quick question you have. In rare cases where consulting services are desired, they are available for an hourly fee. Once a system is in place it only takes a few hours per quarter of the year to keep it updated, in most practices.

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HIPAA Threats

    What Are The Threats?

    Threats can be many things in the HIPAA world. Do you have a compliance program? Are you following all the security rules? Have you reviewed and updated all of your polices relative to the new Omnibus Rules? Do you understand willful neglect?

    These are just a few questions that can help determine what threats you may have. Fines start at $50,000 and can easily go up.

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What Our Clients Say

I encourage all Docs to follow your program, before they get a demand for their HIPAA compliant risk analysis, because, although one never knows what the government will accept; your program takes the guess work out of the equation!

– Dr. Pam Owens